Learn About the Benefits and Risks of Clomid

Inducing fertility with Clomid

Clomid is a fertility medication that triggers the pituitary gland to discharge hormones sufficient enough to cause ovulation. Women who are diagnosed of polycystic ovary syndrome can Buy Clomid Online and start taking the medication to increase the chance of ovulation in the future. This drug increases the hormones that are required for the growth of matured eggs. It is considered to be the least expensive fertility drug. Clomid can also be used for treating Male Infertility and low sperm count. Patients who are affected of luteal phase defect can buy clomiphene, the generic drug of Clomid, and treat the condition over a period of time. It is not a recommended medication for women with ovarian failure. Clomid comes in dosages of 50 mg and 100 mg. Ovulation hormones such as FSH, LH, estradiol and GnRH are influenced by Clomid. This drug acts with all tissues that are known to possess estrogen receptors. Women who are facing some trouble in getting pregnant can buy Clomid without prescription and commence the medication so as to increase the prospects of pregnancy.

Buy Clomid without prescription

Can I Get Clomid Online? Before buying patients should consult the doctor, analyze their body conditions and accordingly take the medication. Never increase/decrease the dosage levels on your own prerogative. Depending on the nature of the problem dosage level varies with individuals. Generally, the treatment should happen in cycles. Each single cycle consists of 5 days.

  • The initial dosage of this drug should be Clomid 50 mg daily, and should be taken continuously for 5 days (one cycle).
  • Patients who have trouble ovulating even after taking 50 mg for a 5-day period can increase the dosage levels.
  • If some rare sensitivity is observed in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, dosage levels can be lowered or the duration of treatment can be decreased to a certain extent. It is highly essential that before you get Clomiphene Online, consult your doctor and figure out how your body might react to this drug.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of this drug, take Clomid through the mouth.
  • Long term medication is strictly prohibited with this drug. Treatment should not exceed more than 6 cycles.

While undergoing the medication, it is required of you to opt of ovulation tests, monitor the body temperature and ensure preciseness in timing of sexual intercourse so as to expect a positive result. Patients who aren’t experiencing ovulation after the first cycle of treatment can buy Clomid 100 mg tablets and take the medication for one full cycle and monitor the results. It is to be noted that women who had 200 mg of Clomid have experienced successful pregnancies.

Buy Generic Clomid

Patients who are suffering from abnormal bleeding of vagina, ovarian cyst, liver disease, tumor in pituitary gland and thyroid infection should not take Clomid. Pregnant women should abstain from taking Clomid. Usage of this drug for more than 6 treatment cycles increases the risk of ovarian tumor. Hence, before you buy generic Clomid consult with your doctor and be aware of the potential risks associated with this drug.
There are rare instances of women developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) after the first treatment cycle. Get in touch with your doctor at once you experience the following symptoms such as weight gain in face and midsection, stomach pain, bloating, less or no urination, increased heart rate, pain while breathing and shortened breath.

Drug Interactions of Clomid

It is recommended that you talk to you doctor, and find out whether this drug can be taken with other medications before you Purchase Clomid Online. Vitamins, herbal products, over-the-counter medicines, and prescription drugs interact with Clomiphene to a greater extent resulting in serious drug interaction.

What if clomid doesn’t work for you?

If clomid isn’t working for you, the doctor may suggest other methods for pregnancy. Apart from recommending medications, others include injections that consist of FSH and LH. There are also few other choices available for women to boost pregnancy, like herbs, acupuncture, acupressure and many more.

If clomid works fine for you, the next big question would be where to buy clomid. Women who are prescribed for clomid medication can get their pills either from any local drug store or from any of the reliable online pharmacy, which holds the license to sell the drug. Sometimes few jurisdictions do not license few drugs to be sold.

Clomid: The Twin Effect

I like to have twins and when I said the same to my wife, she was shocked but then the first thing she asked me was how is it possible to induce twins, when the occurring is a natural process. She must be not knowing that I have already have done my ground work.

By the way what was your ground, she questioned me.

I replied back her that there are few medications that help in boosting pregnancy and the chances of having a twin is high. She nodded yes and she continued, so what is the drug and do we need to consult a health care professional before taking it?

I replied her back saying, I have planned to buy Clomid online, so that we need not consult a doctor. She was worried, as it might create problems without taking pills without consulting the doctor. Anyways I convinced her about my idea and she said yes.

The next thing was buying online. It was one hectic work that I can handle. I have purchased so many products online, but when it comes to buying drugs online, on one hand it seem to very tough buying the drug without a prescription and on the other hand all the online drug store pages I open seem to unauthentic and fake.

So I called up a friend of mine who is expertise in digital marketing and asked him his help. I told him the whole idea of our plan to order Clomid online.

He provided me few suggestions regarding buying the drugs online. The initial advice was not to get the drug without a prescription which I asked him to neglect and continue with other tips. He moved on by saying the basic things of online buying, which I myself know very well.

The one reason for why I called him was that it is the first time that I am buying the drug online and every site that I often open seems to be unauthentic and cannot make a payment, saying that to my friend, he continued “fine let’s proceed”.

Here are the tips that really helped me out in buying the drug.

  • He asked me to check for the physical location of the online drug store, so that we do not get cheated by fraudulent online pharmacies. Most of the online pharmacies are not authentic. Taking down the physical address of the site will be helpful in future.
  • All authentic sites ask for prescription. So you are planning to buy Clomid without prescription, it is best drop the idea or go visit a health care professional.
  • Few online drugs advertise about their exclusive offers, which might not be really available over the site. Either the advertisement must me to draw your attention.
  • He also added that all online drug stores provide discounts to all medications. Few sites also providing reward points and other schemes for all buyers.
  • The other important thing which said me got my attention and this was it make sure that you read all the necessary pages like privacy policies, return policies, terms, conditions, shipping policies and other things that are associated with the site and online buying.
  • TAT is yet another important thing to be noted. He asked me to check for the delivery date as many online drug stores do not deliver the drug within the mentioned TAT.
  • Delivery charges are the crucial part of buying online. Few sites charge in surplus.

After saying all, he said if someone asks the same question, where to buy Clomid online safely, advice the same which I gave you.